Dexter Prop Stick

Dexter prop stick

The Dexter Prop Stick is a Sectional Tube for use as a breaching support.

Constructed of cardboard tube the fragmentation danger, normally associated with wood or plastic prop sticks, is eliminated. At only 15” long per section they are easy to store, transport, and use. With a heavy wall and interlocking core they stand strong and secure.

Dexter Prop Sticks come in an affordable box of 20.

Dexter H&L 460 PSA  Anchors

PSA anchor holding a 150 lb.weight PSA Anchor used as a block close-up of PSA anchor

Flexible, self-adhesive anchors with an eye for attachment.
Can be used on flat or curved, dry, non-porous surfaces.
Holding capacity over 150 lbs on a clean surface.
The versatility allows the Dexter self-adhesive anchors to be used as a block or hanger for Breaching Prop Sticks.